3 Ways to Cultivate Inner Harmony by Faith Hunter

We all seek a balanced and harmonious life.  Achieving this can be difficult due to family priorities, work stress, and the world around us. Often we focus on the external, and less on nourishing our own peace of mind.

No matter who you are, you can always carve out moments in life to connect to your deepest self, which in turn cultivates inner harmony. Below are 3 ways to reset and align to your true nature.

  1. Stop Rushing: Like you, I’m always on the move and making every effort to complete daily tasks. Externally, we are driving fast through traffic, eating lunch on-the-go, and checking our phones for what’s next. This type of energy creates anxiety and panic, then manifest into stress. I suggest giving yourself a few moments every day slow down and move through life with mindfulness. Try spending a few extra minutes in the shower, eat lunch in the park, or take a 5-minute walk just because.
  2. Switch off: YES, turn off your phone and enjoy the present moment. Truly allow yourself the luxury of being in the now. About a year again, I automatically set my phone to “do not disturb.” Every night at 9pm my phone shifts into silence, and this gives me the opportunity to relax and fully enjoy a good book, journaling or movie night with my dog Sebastian.
  3. Be Still and Breathe: We all know some of the major benefits of meditation include improving focus, reducing anxiety, stimulating creativity, and supporting overall emotional balance. However, many people say it’s impossible to meditate because they can’t stop thinking, or they can’t sit still. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, start with 1-minute every day for a few weeks. After that, slowly increase the time and BOOM…you are meditating.