Community Commerce Can Change the World

It is our desire that through cultural exchange Nubian Heritage remains relevant to its community and the objective of spreading wellness traditions. Our community, comprised of the people we interact with directly and through our vendors, means everything to us. We believe that focusing on commerce in an ethical and community-centered manner can powerfully transform the world for the better. We have seen the impact of creating and maintaining healthy relationships with our suppliers and vendors around the world. Aspiring to the American Dream, we are slowly expanding our influence and spreading the ideals of equality, democracy, and material prosperity to places as far as Ghana. We can do this through commerce: our path to empowering communities.

At Nubian Heritage, we consciously invest in the communities that comprise our supply chain by helping them develop into self-sustaining businesses. Our goal is to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for the village communities we rely upon for our organic and fair trade ingredients. The women cooperatives that supply Shea Butter are central to all our products. Beyond just paying an ethical wage, we ensure that the cooperatives become more efficient and profitable. As their production process evolves and grows, we have seen the cooperatives we mentor develop superior skin care products in addition to the raw Shea Butter ingredient they supply us. This shift allows the cooperatives to become not just suppliers but self-sustaining, full business partners.

As a result of becoming partners with our suppliers in Ghana, we get to further impact their communities. The benefit of higher incomes leads to better nutrition and health awareness, access to education, personal empowerment, and increased economic independence. All this is creating a better future for the next generation. It is what we like to call the power of “community commerce.” It can change the world.

Community commerce can change the world when suppliers, businesses, and customers work together for the benefit of all. I still personally maintain relationships with some of our company’s first customers: street vendors, small shop owners, people all over the country and overseas. They have made our success possible! Together, we are making the quality of life better for small villages and communities while at the same time also providing wellness solutions for the modern lifestyle. I hope you will join us in our mission to change the world for the better.
Authored by Nyema Tubman