Event Spotlight: Wanderlust

Meeting both our loyal fans and Nubian Heritage newcomers is a great way to find out what our community is thinking about our brand and learn about their needs. The best way to meet our community is by going where they are!  This year, we participated in Wanderlust Festivals in Brooklyn and Stratton. Wanderlust is one-of-kind event bringing people together to stop, reflect and get in touch with their mind, body and spirit. Those curious about yoga are encouraged to get involved and take classes in an environment that encourages newbies. All types of yoga are offered, including partner, water and acrobat yoga, and as well as classes at all levels, from the beginner to the advanced yogi.

Attending Wanderlust is a juxtaposition of a mental, physical and spiritual retreat allowing a hiatus from the stressors of daily life.  In Stratton, we attended a lecture yoga class hybrid by New York Times Best-Selling author Gabby Bernstein and as a team were inspired by her energy and insights! She challenged all students to “Be the Light” and use their will power and energy to elevate themselves to reach their maximum potential. Who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves?

Advancing Individual Wellness is a pillar of the Nubian Heritage brand, but wellness and being healthy is not only physical.  Wellness is also internal, encompassing inner peace and spiritual calm. Wanderlust was a lovely reminder that it is possible to practice both. You can seemingly stop time to escape for a while and find that place of stillness that was always there to begin with—on the inside.