This first one is universal, no gender attached to it:

1. You never have to GET ready, if you STAY ready

I’m not a fan of corny gym idioms, but this one holds the most merit. The people who are most successful in getting ready for their wedding know that it’s a time commitment and a lifestyle change. It’s not about getting ready for a big event…it’s about staying ready in case of a big event. Women AND Men: The funny thing is - health really doesn’t know gender. It’s a human pursuit.

2. Try and control stress.

Ok, stop laughing. I can only assume to know how stressful your big day can be (see: commitment issues) but stress wreaks havoc on your ability to get and stay in shape.

3. Sleep.

It’s a direct tie into the tip above. It’s important to take care of yourself so that you can better attack your approaching wedding. Making sure you are sleeping will help control eating habits and will also help you keep stress levels in check.

4. Don’t diet.

This is the number one cause of sadness and Bridezilla syndrome. Instead, adopt healthier habits that involve whole, natural foods and enough nutrient dense calories to keep you active, satiated, low stress, and out of the earth shattering Hangry Bridezilla mode.

5. Exercise.

I know by this point this tip seem obvious, but people don’t do the obvious most of the time. Keeping active, especially with a rigorous strength training routine - and my favorite, boxing - will help keep you looking and feeling great.