A Legacy

Self-made entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It takes vision, hard work, and dedication. Even more than these three character qualities, it requires a solid foundation and the willingness to build something new and unique. Looking back over the last twenty-three years, it amazes me how far we have come. The Nyema Tubman of 1991 dreamt of the future and worked long hours to make it through each day. Although some things haven’t changed, namely long days and hard work, our journey has taught us to continue to dream and elevate in a way that our younger and less experienced selves could have ever imagined.  We studied the civilization of Nubia and were amazed by the innovative and warrior spirit.  Our Nubian Heritage brand is a daily reminder to the commitment we made to ourselves and our legacy.


My story begins a long time ago when my parents met. My mother is Swedish and my father is Liberian, so I grew up in a household rich with a mingling of traditions. As a direct descendant of Harriet Tubman, her legacy and the desire to impact the world for the better were the values instilled in me from a young age. Today and every day, I feel honored to be striving to make the world a better place under the name Tubman.


When we launched Nubian Heritage, my best friend and co-founder Richelieu Dennis and I envisioned taking our legacies and making something beautiful that would inspire others. With our unique histories and passion for creating a beautiful product, we had the perfect beginning for a success story. Even so, we could not have predicted where we are now. It’s been an amazing journey.


As is true  of every business story, we have made some mistakes along the way and learned from them. What is important is that we stayed the course and remained true to our core values: advancing wellness and empowering communities. These are our goals and we hope you will be there with us as we continue on our journey towards making the world a better place for us all.

Authored by Nyema Tubman