Meet Faith Hunter

Here at Nubian Heritage wellness is at the top of our minds. Not only do we make bath, body and hair care products made of natural and certified organic ingredients, but we also take an interest in how the members of our community exemplify wellness and healthy inspired living in their everyday lives. This year we have joined forces with Faith Hunter, a global yoga instructor and creator of SpirituallyFly™, which is what Faith describes as “a philosophy that celebrates every moment of life and uses yoga's tools of sound both chanting & music, breath, and movement, in a fresh and modern way to encourage students to embrace their unique flow in life - on and off the mat.” We recently sat down with Faith to fill us in on how she stays SpirituallyFly.

Who is Faith Hunter?

I’m a small-town Louisiana girl, who is passionate about life, loves my family and dogs, committed to sharing and giving of heart, enjoys great food, wine, dancing and music, wearing cute shoes, yoga and meditation are my go-to practices it through the hard times, and I get excited about the little things.

Describe for us your journey to yoga: Why do you devote your life to this practice, and how has it changed you?

My yoga journey started in the early 90’s. I practiced yoga by watching Rodney Yee on PBS. During that time my older brother, Michael, was battling complications from HIV/AIDS. To say the least, I needed to be centered and strong, so I sought to learn more about yoga. A friend suggested we take a class together, which was mostly meditation and Kundalini Yoga influenced. During that time, yoga gave me the space to be my truest self, and the freedom to escape from my emotional jail. As a whole, yoga provided me with the tools to heal from the death of my brother. I cried and released so many trapped feelings. Prior to becoming a certified teacher, I shared the practice with friends and taught breathing and meditation to my co-workers in the nonprofit industry. I soon realized I needed to share these amazing healing tools with more people.

Yoga can be intimidating for first-timers. What advice would you give someone who wants to start or is just starting out?

I would recommend starting out slow. Simply allow yourself to be open to the process – both physical and mental. I also suggest trying different styles of yoga, teachers and multiple times to determine what feels best for you and your lifestyle. Don’t push it; be kind and mindful. It will soon become a natural part of your life.

What are your wellness philosophies and how do you incorporate them into your life?

I incorporate wellness philosophies into my daily life. It includes giving thanks the moment I wake up in the morning, eating a healthy breakfast, meditating daily, practicing asana (yoga postures) at least 4-5 times a week, walking as much as I can instead of taking a cab, spending quality time with friends and family, consuming and using products that are organic and/or mindfully sourced, taking a deep breath in the face difficulty, and giving back to my community.

What does your beauty/skincare routine consist of?

My beauty/skincare routine includes washing and moisturizing my face and body with products with natural ingredients that don’t contain parabens. I also use Nubian Heritage’s Raw Shea with Frankincense & Myrrh Body Scrub 2-3 times a month to slough off dead, dry skin. I also use it on my hands several times each week, including massaging into my cuticles. And, I drink plenty of water, which has such an important impact on hair and skin.

What is your favorite food?

I love Granny Smith apples. They’re a delicious treat.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Ardha Chandra Chapasana, which is a sugarcane pose – variation of half-moon pose.This pose provides a yummy blend of playfulness, balance, heart-opening and lightness. Chapasana is a sweet expression of freedom, and invokes a joyous feeling of passion and play. Each time I do it, I feel a smile pouring from my heart.

Finish this sentence: If I wasn’t practicing yoga and wellness, I would be a _______.

Wow, this is a hard question…I’m passionate about so many things. I was a ballet and modern dancer for over 16 years, was a DJ in college for a hot minute, absolutely love photography and videography and I was photography assistant in 2002, I’m always singing, and community service and philanthropy fuel my soul. And, of course, I LOVE writing poetry. So many options.

How has yoga helped shape your life?

Yoga gives me the freedom to express my full divinity without apologizing. It makes it okay for me to experience love and anger, laughter and sadness, passion and pain. It enables me to be Faith with an open mind and heart! Yoga reminds me that everyone and everything I encounter is a divine teacher guiding me mindfully on my path. I love the fact that everything superficial falls away when I’m practicing or meditating, and life just seems to feel a little bit better.

Tell us more about your dogs, Sebastian and Yoshi.

Sebastian and Yoshi are two amazing little Shih Tzus, who bring tons of joy to my world. They are the cutest, and it seems they really enjoy yoga, too. Both have been with me since they were babies, and the yoga mat has always been a place for them to roll around and show off their perfect downward-facing dog pose. They also love napping during my meditation practice…so relaxing for them.

Can you describe for us a typical day in your life.

The moment I open my eyes I give thanks and meditate in bed for about five minutes, if I have inspired thoughts I immediately write a few lines of poetry. Once I’m up and moving around the apartment, I drink a little water and orange juice, walk the dogs, then unroll my yoga mat for my yoga practice. A longer meditation practice following my asana practice, then I jump into work. At night I have a tasty meal, relax with the dogs, read a book or watch something interesting on Netflix or Hulu. Before I fall asleep, I send positive vibrations to my family and kiss the dogs good night.

What do you love most about Nubian Heritage?

I love that Nubian Heritage started on the streets of Harlem, fueled with a passion to offer quality products with natural ingredients. I also love that the brand works to alleviate poverty by partnering with women-owned cooperatives in Northern Ghana. Beauty with a purpose.

Do you have a favorite Nubian Heritage product? If so, which product and why?

My favorite products by Nubian Heritage include African Black Soap, Carrot & Pomegranate Soap, Shea Butter infused with Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver, and the Indian Hemp & Tamanu Co-wash All of these products keep my skin glowing and my hair healthy and moisturized. And, they smell delicious!

What are you most excited about in working with Nubian Heritage?

I’m truly excited to work with a brand that shares many of my beliefs as they relate to health, wellness and community.

Thank you, Faith, for sharing your life, story and inspirations with us. If you would like to find out more about Faith and her work with us, follow us on Instagram @NubianHeritage and Faith on @SpirituallyFly.