My Natural Deodorant Journey by Faith Hunter

14 plus years ago my cousin forwarded an email about the connection between chemically based deodorants and breast cancer. We have a history of breast cancer in our family, so of course, this caught my eye. Prior to the email, I attempted to use a natural mineral deodorant, but I wasn’t completely sold. Deodorants have been less about perspiration and more about the scent. I’ve never been a sweaty person, but I was always conscious of smelly armpits.

After reading the article, I decided to give it one more try. I realized even though I was using a mild deodorant/antiperspirant, I was still harming my body. Basically, the benefits of going natural outweighed my original thoughts around staying fresh. Eating healthy and using non-toxic chemicals on my hair and skin were standard protocol, but for some reason, I didn't add my underarms in the mix. Why would I continue to swipe manufactured aluminum on sensitive skin tissue where estrogen receptors for breast cancer could potentially develop?

Once I officially made the switch, it took several months to figure out what works well with my body. Even now, I continue to change the scent because my body chemistry is constantly shifting. Yes, like most people, it took several weeks to detox. I found myself sweating more than normal because my body’s pH was adjusting, and the smell was definitely much stronger than normal. However, like magic, I rolled on my natural deodorant one day, took an intense yoga class, sniffed my underarm, and the harsh scent had disappeared.

Years later, I’m still 100% committed to using natural deodorant. I typically have 3 different scents on hand.  Two for home use and the 3rd for travel. This way, regardless of how my hormones are shifting, my armpits are covered.