Sharp mind, Tough Body, Skin Fresh to Death

“You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. You play good, they pay good.”
- Deion Sanders

Most people get it twisted, but looking good is an internally-driven barometer. Confidence and love always start with self first, so when I step out of the house - nice outfit on, skin glowing, a smile on my face - I always "play" better.

Your body is the only piece of real estate that you actually own. Taking care of and investing in your mind and the physical body is the investment that will always yield the biggest dividends. I started training and taking care of myself at a young age because I wanted to earn the pride that comes with it. I always make sure to keep my mind sharp, body tough, and my skin fresh to death.

Here are my steps to looking good:

1. Always keep the haircut clean. You would be surprised how far a fresh haircut can go!

2. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Always make sure you keep your skin fresh, clean and glowing. Always lotion up, because there isn’t a vibe killer bigger than dry cracked skin! My favorite lotions are the Raw Shea Butter and the Honey & Blackseed.

3. Eat clean because when you eat clean, you feel clean!

4. Train your physical body to unlock the full potential of your mind. A physically strong body is a breeding ground for confidence and a strong mind. I love boxing because of how therapeutic it is, not just because it’s a great workout.

5. No matter what, or how you wake up, pretend to feel yourself like Beyoncé and Jay on holiday! Know that you ARE the ish – so act like it and manifest it. My Mom always said, “fake it till you make it!”

6. Smile more. Always!



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