My Top 5 Travel Essentials by Faith Hunter

I absolutely love traveling!  As a result of my career, I have the opportunity to visit some amazing places while sharing the practices of yoga and meditation.  Taking flight for quick weekend or weeks at a time can sometimes create a little stress on the body and mind. In order to stay balanced and healthy, there are a few must-haves that make my adventures smooth and stress-free.

Here are my top travel essentials.

  1. Essential Oil: Most people don’t realize the immune system is easily compromised when we are removed from our normal environment. But it really takes a beating when you travel multiple times a month. In order to combat exposure to random viral infections, I typically travel with OnGuard (oil blend), which supports healthy immune system, promotes healthy circulation, and energizes my mood after a long flight. I throw in a small container of lavender to help me stay relaxed during extended layovers, and it doubles for soothing skin irritations.
  2.  Moisturizer: Everything from airplane air, drastic change in climate, and water quality has a direct effect on the skin. To ensure my skin, head to toes, stays soft and subtle, I always have a container of shea butter. Not only does it help in maintain moisture, but it also helps to balance my skin, especially the areas exposed to the sun and the wind.
  3.  Noise-Canceling Headphones: As much I enjoy engaging and connecting with people, I sometimes need to pull back and got inside. That's one of the reasons I have noise-canceling headphones. They block out most of the noise on the plane, provide optimal sound quality of my favorite tunes, and they enable me to meditate or even take a quick nap. Basically, they provide the peace and quiet I desperately desire after a long weekend of work.
  4.  Journal: In those moments of peace, there’s nothing like having my journal handy to record those inspired thoughts. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the gate waiting, on the plane or relaxing in my hotel room, I always have my journal in arms reach. Because journaling is a mechanism for listing my dreams and ambitions, it serves as a beautiful tool for providing clarity and steps to achieving my goals.
  5.  Reading Material: It never fails, there’s always going to be an extended delay, or my inability to sleep on an international flight. That’s the moment I pull out a good book, put on my headphones and dive in.