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Best-Selling All-Natural Skin Care Products

The Best Sellers Collection at Nubian Heritage features all the best natural bath products you love. From our naturally exfoliating African Black Soap to our all-natural 24-hour deodorants, there's something for everyone among our best wellness products.

Better Than Butter

Shea butter has been the worst-kept secret in skin care since Cleopatra's time. Rich in fatty acids that deeply nourish the skin, shea butter serves as a base for many of our best wellness products. If you're new to the shea butter scene, our fragrance-free Shea Butter and Aloe Body Wash is the perfect gateway to pampering even the most sensitive skin with all-natural silky softness.

If you're looking for new ways to add shea butter to your routine, our Raw Shea Butter 24-Hour Deodorant soothes sensitive underarms while delighting the senses with the mystical scent of Frankincense and Myrrh.

Making Scents

Among the best natural bath products at Nubian Heritage, you'll find a great variety of scent sensations from deeply grounded to light and airy. Awaken your senses in the shower while you nourish your skin with our hydrating, healing, heady Body Wash Best Sellers.

Our Patchouli and Buriti Body Wash calms your skin and grounds your soul in the earthy aromas of the ancient world. Mango Butter Body Wash turns your shower into a tropical paradise with the juicy freshness of this rainforest fruit. Lemongrass and Tea Tree Body Wash brightens your day with bright citrus notes in an invigorating scent that invites inspiration.

A Heritage of Health

The Best Sellers Collection at Nubian Heritage represents the best natural bath products we've shared with you so far. We take pride in combining the heritage of ancient wisdom with our modern sensibilities of health and wellness to bring you the best bath products possible. From the natural exfoliating properties of African Cocoa Pod Ashes to the rich vitality of Coconut Oil to the healing powers of Honey, we infuse all our best wellness products with history, symbolism and global awareness to empower your best every day.