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All-Natural Bar Soap, Body Wash, Lotion, Bath Bombs

The all-natural Body Care Collection at Nubian Heritage brings ancient wisdom to modern solutions for health and healing. We've included something for everyone's body care regimen, from cleansing away bad attitudes to soothing jagged nerves to deeply nourishing feelings of connection.

Cleanse with a Conscience

Cleansing your skin is the most basic step in any wellness routine. Whether you prefer lathering up with a bar soap or a liquid body wash, Nubian Heritage offers all-natural, plant-based options that leave your skin deeply hydrated and your conscience crystal clear.

We use certified-organic ingredients whenever possible, like the shea butter in our refreshing Coconut and Papaya Bar Soap. We also source from Fair Trade producers around the globe to bring you new body care products you can feel good about, like our soothing Olive Oil and Green Tea Body Wash.

Hydrate with History

Your skin needs moisture to keep it feeling soft and to protect it against the ravages of time and the environment. When you smooth on our luxurious Patchouli and Buriti Infused Shea Butter after you bathe, you're not just hydrating your skin - you're honoring the ancient tradition of the buriti palm tree, also known as the tree of life. 

Our Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion brings the magical scent of Frankincense and Myrrh to your skin care regimen, linking you to ancient history with the heady aroma of kings.

Indulge with Self-Care

Skin care isn't just about beauty; it's about taking the time for self-care in an impatient, impersonal world. We developed Nubian Heritage Bath Bombs to immerse you in a luxurious experience that soothes your soul while soothing dry, dull skin. Whether you sink into the warm, woodsy embrace of our African Black Soap Bath Bomb or you let the exotic fragrance of our Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Bath Bomb wash away your cares, you'll emerge transformed and ready to face the world.