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Natural and Unisex Hair Care Products

The Hair Care Collection at Nubian Heritage has natural hair care products for every crowning glory out there.

To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo

Shampoo often gets a bad rap. Harsh detergents can strip away your scalp's natural oils and leave your coif dry, brittle and unmanageable. Shampooing less frequently can help, but we have a better idea.

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp Co-Wash gently lifts away dirt while conditioning your curls with Tamanu Oil and Bamboo Extract. This heritage hair product brings ancient wisdom to the current trend of suds-free "co-washing" with certified organic shea butter and fragrant essential oils that refresh and moisturize without drying.

Of course, if you still prefer shampooing, Nubian hair products have vegan, color-safe options for you as well, like Nubian Heritage Olive Oil Vegan Shampoo that features Quinoa Seed Extract for a boost of moisture and shine.

Root of the Problem

Your scalp's health determines a large part of your hair's health. Nourish your scalp with our Indian Hemp Vegan Hair and Scalp Serum and watch your coif improve. Of all the Nubian Heritage Hair Products, this one may be the most transformational. Just a dime-sized dollop of this silky serum massaged into your scalp brings the oils of hemp, Tamanu, safflower, jojoba and coconut to deeply moisturize and replenish your scalp's natural balance. Rinse it out after a while or leave it in for deep reparations.

If your hair's been overworked and underpaid for far too long, give it a spa day with our Indian Hemp or Olive Oil Vegan Deep Treatment Masque. These Nubian hair products deliver intense conditioning that beefs up the strength of your hair follicles and leaves your crown looking lush and gorgeous.

Definition of Style

With locks that are pampered and moisturized, you can focus on defining your signature style. Nubian Heritage hair products like our Indian Hemp Vegan Conditioning Mousse make it easy to coif your natural curls or waves however you like. The fresh scent of essential oils and fortifying properties of Bamboo Extract put you in a great position to rock any style with ease and confidence.