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New Body Products with Natural Ingredients at Nubian Heritage

See what's new at Nubian Heritage! We're always looking for new body products and hair care superstars that combine ancient wisdom with modern breakthroughs for health and beauty.

From gentle, everyday vegan shampoos to serious masque treatments and scalp serums, the new bath and body products at Nubian Heritage have something for everyone.

Here's a taste of our latest lineup. Be sure to try all our new body products!

Try Tamanu Oil

Extracted from the tropical evergreen tamanu tree, Tamanu Oil is one of the latest comers to the natural skin care party. Pacific Island, Asian and African cultures have revered the tamanu tree for centuries for its nutritious nuts and medicinal oil. Modern research reveals that extracted Tamanu Oil actively fights acne-causing bacteria, deeply moisturizes with fatty acids and protects against the aging effects of free radical damage.

Try this oil for yourself in our Indian Hemp Vegan Deep Treatment Masque that delivers intense moisture to revitalize your damaged, weak or over-processed hair. Then keep your locks flowing with Indian Hemp Vegan Co-Wash that's fortified with Bamboo Extract for gentle everyday cleansing.

Get Hip to Hemp

You've likely heard a lot about CBD oil and other hemp-related products in the news lately. We're hip to this age-old miracle extract, so we combined Hemp Seed Extract with Tamanu Oil for gentle cleansing that won't strip away your skin and hair's natural oils. Our Indian Hemp Vegan Shampoo is a great addition to your everyday regimen, and Indian Hemp Vegan Conditioning Mousse brings texture and definition to your natural curls without weighing you down.

Meet Multitasking Moringa

Moringa Oil may be the newest miracle ingredient in modern health care products, but ancient cultures have relied on it to cook food, light the night and feed their souls for millennia. A high concentration of oleic acid in the oil nourishes all skin types, absorbing quickly without any greasy residue.

Make Moringa Oil part of your routine with Nubian Heritage Olive Oil Vegan Leave-in Conditioner. You'll revel in softer, more manageable hair that leaves dullness and tangles in the dust. This multitasker also works well as a styling aid or daily conditioner on dry or wet hair.