Homecoming Farm

Nubian Heritage has been working with local community groups for over 23 years to help bolster their outreach, services and education efforts. We believe what you put into your body is as important as what you put on your body and so to promote health, wellness, eco-consciousness and sustainability, we proudly support Homecoming Farm and Sophia Garden located in Amityville, NY. Homecoming Farm, a pillar of our local community, is a NOFA-NY LLC certified organic farm. Homecoming Farm and Sophia Garden have a number of outreach programs and initiatives that benefit those in the local community most in need of assistance. Homecoming Farms regularly donates from its harvest to soup kitchens, feeding people throughout Long Island. The farm also offers educational programs for children and adults affirming practices key to a sustainable planet. Nubian Heritage staff serve as board members and volunteers, and we are proud to support this important endeavor. For more information, visit http://homecomingearth.org.