Northern Ghana Cooperatives

Nubian Heritage is dedicated to alleviating poverty in the communities that comprise our supply chain. Shea Butter is central to all our products, so that’s where we started. When we invest in seven women’s Shea Butter cooperatives in Ghana, we don’t just buy their products — we help them develop self-sustaining businesses. An ethical wage premium is paid to these enterprising women, and we aid in monitoring practices to ensure that the efficiency, health, profitability and quality of life is elevated for members of the co-op. We are working to create a safer, cleaner and more efficient workspace that allows workers to perfect the age-old art of producing traditional Shea Butter in the Northern Ghana co-ops, and modernizing aspects of the process by being energy efficient and reducing emissions. We're also creating energy-saving practices that help produce high quality butter, while lowering the cost of production. This means women in the co-ops get to take home an ethical wage that is 2-3 times higher than the average minimum wage in Ghana. The women we work with in Ghana become our partners, not just our suppliers, and with their rise in income, they experience greater health, access to education and the benefits of financial freedom. With the help of Community Commerce, they change their own lives for the better.