Sundays are for YOU! by Faith Hunter

Every Sunday, when I’m home or traveling, I try to do something just for me. Most of my week is filled with work and other obligations related to family and friends. Typically, the only extended “Me Time” happens in the bathroom, in mediation, or on my yoga mat.  However, I craft out at least a good hour or two every Sunday to indulge in something that truly nourishes my soul.

Hopefully, my short list of Sacred Sunday activities will inspire you to flood your Sunday with a little “Me Time!”

  1. Home Spa Day: I moisturize my skin and hair daily as basic maintenance. On a rainy Sunday night, there’s nothing better than creating a home spa. I deep condition my hair, exfoliate my body with a luxurious body scrub, and finish the evening with a rejuvenating facemask. As an added touch, I set the mood by lighting candles, playing my favorite music, and sipping on a delicate herbal tea.
  2.  Museum, Live Music or Sightseeing Alone: Creative expression is one of my many passions. Absorbing the vast aspects of creativity stimulates my mind, challenges my own artistic endeavors, and always opens me up to something new. But the fascinating part about exploring art alone is having the time and freedom to sit, inhale and fully experience without disruption.  These sacred moments feel like an active meditation for the right brain.
  3.  Flowers and Plants Everywhere: As a kid, I vividly remember my father placing flowers on the nightstand next to my mother’s side of the bed. This childhood memory sparked the desire for me to keep flowers and plants in my home. When I’m home or on extended travel, I purchase a lovely boutique just for myself and arrange them perfectly in different areas of my space. The smell of lilies bring me joy, and the vibrant shades of yellow remind me to shine. Oddly enough, this simple design element reduces anxiety, creates a welcoming environment, and easily brings nature inside.